Torah Thought

By Rabbi Alex Chapper

We have a beautiful custom on Seder night after the meal we open to the door to our home because it’s a leil shimurim  – a night of watching when G-d grants us special protection.
The Beis HaLevi asks why it’s done at this point and not at the beginning of the Seder when we invite those who need to join us.  He explains based on the Gemara’s question as to how the rabbis instituted the requirement to drink 4 cups of wine given that the drinking of an even number of cups of wine was considered to be an ominous and dangerous act.  The answer it gives is that Seder night is a night of watching and we can be sure that no harm will come to us. This point is made most clear as we’re about to pour the fourth cup, we open the door and remind ourselves that ultimately our protection comes from G-d.

Good Shabbos, Good Yom Tov
A Kasheren Pesach

Rabbi A Chapper